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"Kyle Gordon is a Los Angeles-based composer/arranger whose inventive and genre-fusing style is quickly gaining recognition in the symphonic world. With a background in classical, jazz, folk, pop, and rock music, Gordon is always exploring the connections between traditional and contemporary music styles" 

Gordon is a multi-talented musician, composer, and producer who thrives on pushing the boundaries of classical music. As an accomplished composer, arranger, conductor, and bassist, he has solidified his place as a visionary force in the music industry.

In 2023, Gordon captivated audiences with THE ROARING TWENTIES an orchestral pops show he composed, premiered, and conducted in partnership with co-creator Drew Zaremba. The double concert mesmerized two sold-out crowds, and audiences and critics alike hailed it as a groundbreaking musical triumph.

As a sought-after orchestrator and member of the music team, Gordon's exceptional talent has also extended to the silver screen, where he has contributed to some of Hollywood's most prominent productions, including Star Wars IX, Black Panther 2, Bridgerton, Mandalorian, The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, Frozen 2, Family Guy, Babylon, and more.  

As a performer, Gordon's Carnegie Hall premiere in 2019, featuring a new composition for double bass, was a resounding success. Today, he continues to enthrall audiences as a conductor, bassist, and mandolinist.

Gordon's particular fondness for the lush, romantic sounds of Hollywood's golden age is apparent in his arrangements and compositions. He skillfully blends classical and popular styles to create evocative, genre-defying works that are both reminiscent of past eras and wholly innovative. His performances surprise and delight audiences across the nation, leaving them with a renewed appreciation for the magic of music.


As a resident of Los Angeles, Gordon continues to explore new frontiers in music as a composer, arranger, orchestrator, and performer. 

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Symphonic Mayhem - 2023 Promo
America the Beautiful | Arranged by Kyle Gordon
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